Movie- The Informant!


The film is entertaining, amusing even, so why did I forget all about it upon leaving the cinema?

My favourite ‘twists and turns’ were evident and keep the viewer interested but if this is (based on) a true story, my first reaction is that there are some idiots out there. The informant (Matt Damon) is a corporate whistle blower and the film follows the events of him being undercover and gathering evidence which eventually comes to light in a court room.

But not before the global price fixing incidents depicted seem to become a comedy of errors; the informant giving a heads up to a planned FBI raid to his friends and colleagues, telling lies and generally believing he is better than James Bond, ‘0014’.

All very odd but entertaining anyway.  7½/10    Smile factor 7½/10


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The Informant (Film Tie in)
The Informant!

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