Globe Trotting – A list

As a youngster, I started out with the places I wanted to visit when I got older. It started with the A List and these are the reasons why:

New York 1989 ♥♥♥♥♥+

I’ve already scribed dozens of times about NYC in various articles and journals so the love affair is public knowledge. The reason could possibly date back to my Mum giving me a full colour Children’s encyclopaedia before I hit my teens which had a USA – England dictionary and I leant what diapers and sidewalks were. I don’t know when or how my fascination of America was fine-tuned just to this highly inhabited, small island of craziness. Possibly via my interest in the disco era of Studio 54 or Cagney & Lacy but no doubt it was heightened by the 100’s of films based there that infiltrated my mind. In my teens I became a big fan of Rosa Guy novels, with her young characters based in Harlem.

By the time I first became independently wealthy i.e. when I had my first junior pay cheque, I had no interest in going to any anonymous beach in Spain for £199, as it would have been then. I was saving myself for New York, New York. 

Central Park Christmas Day 2008

Vancouver 1998  ♥♥♥1/2 

The next biggie introduced to me by Bryan Adams via an interview was my first solo holiday. It’s ‘where you can stand on top of a snow topped mountain but the sun is still shining’. I did just that and there was a hot tub up there as an additional crazy windfall.

Still the best holiday ever for the breathtaking scenery. 

New Jersey ♥♥♥♥1/2
Bruce Springsteen.

I went for a day during my first trip to New York – I have no idea where, probably Jersey City – and wondered if the Boss may have walked down the same street I did? I returned to live in Hoboken for a few months 19 years later, birth place of Sinatra and apparently baseball, not to mention the best view of NYC, some 20 years later.

Halloween, Hoboken NJ 2008


Niagara Falls 1992 ♥

It’s on the border of USA & Canada and a pure Honeymoon destination so I spent 1 day out of my honeymoon there. I can’t imagine doing that next time…..

Italy 1999 ♥♥♥♥+

My second solo jaunt covering an amazing 7 cities in 8 glorious October days. The influence here was my coming from ‘Little Italy’ or Bedford as we call it, which has the biggest percentage Italian population in the UK (14,000) hence I have always supported the Italian football team in the big games. The best holiday I have ever been on for the people, the scenery and best of all, the food.

Barcelona 2001 ♥♥♥

It all ended here.

Not the very pretty and gothic city itself but the Nou Camp, the second best football stadium in the world. Sitting in the 6th row watching Barca up close in technicolour glory, every inch of my soul awash and wallowing with barely controllable emotion. No-one could be this fortunate.

After Barcelona, my circle was complete and I had to really think about what else I wanted to see.

View across the Hudson, fall 2008


B list to follow

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One thought on “Globe Trotting – A list

  1. New York: Not made it there yet but plan to go soon – well once I’ve saved up the pennies lol.

    Vancouver: Can’t say it’s on my list but Ontario and Quebec are 😀

    New Jersey: Not on my list but I do like the picture hehe.

    Niagara Falls: My Aunt has been on the Maid of the Mist and she loved it – one day I’ll make it there too.

    Italy: Quite near the top of my list – I am a Bedfordian girlie too and so italian is a huge influence lol. I love pizza and pasta, I learnt Italian in school and can’t wait to one day go. (Think this is after New York!)

    Barcelona: I went to Barcelona in July 2003 – I have lots of memories of this trip – some good and some bad – I loved the Sangrada Famiglia and inflicted my friends to a architecture lesson and a bible lesson when I stood there pointing out the statues and who was who lol.

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