Soundtrack to New York

These are my New York songs which, for their own reason always remind me of my second home.

I know you’ll get side tracked so don’t forget to go all the way to the end!

The Wombats – Moving to New York
Added as soon as I heard it mainly due to the poignant lyric, ‘It’s like Christmas came early to me’. That’s how I feel every time I arrive, even when it’s not Christmas.

Journey – Don’t Stop Believing.
It’s one of my motivational songs that got me to New York, well Jersey first because I thought it would be better to be outside the goldfish bowl looking in. It was too; you don’t get the view of New York unless you are outside it and I got that glorious view everytime I stepped out my door from 8 minutes across the Hudson River. This tune carried me over the Hudson as it actually come on the radio on a day I was getting the train to the big city. Unfortunately the train arrived on time, as they tend to in New York so I didn’t hear it through but I laughed all the way over.
I dare you to not listen to this one all the way through.

Madonna – I love New York
The least cheesy of New York admiration songs from the fantastic Confessions album

Oddysey – Native New Yorker
This takes me back to the seedy days of New York in the late 1970’s – a full 10 years before I got there and realised it was everything I had dreamed off since I was in single digits and a whole lot more. In recent years, when I felt it safe enough to make it to Harlem, as it happens the same Christmas that James Brown unfortunately passed away, the line ‘up in Harlem, down on Broadway’ filled me with happiness as that’s literally my journey.

Pet Shop Boys – New York City Boy
Here comes the grin on my face – each time this pops into my head when crossing ‘where 7th Avenue meets Broadway’

Irene Cara – Flashdance (What a Feeling)
The other inspirational song that reminds me of New York, which is an inspiration in itself. It’s because I do feel I have it all, especially when I’m there.

Don’t Rain On My Parade – Bobby Darin
Can’t find a good version but this song just makes me feel invincible. When I landed at Newark last, I was sure that a live big band was going to come out to greet me and play it.

Madonna – Jump
Listened to this whilst I was preparing and packing for my big New York adventure. Take a listen…

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run – Because he’s a Jersey Boy and because the tune lifts me across the Atlantic

Tom Waits – Jersey Girl (Bon Jovi version) Well I was, for a while

John Cougar Mellencamp – Small Town
Although it could be any of a number of Mellencamp tunes because I have a bet with myself anytime I travel out of New York that I will hear a Mellencamp song on the radio on any given day. Or Chicago, or Journey. And I love the Scarecrow album – it’s pure Americana.
Plus these days, since my adult 7 year stint back in my home town, it reminds me of Bedford too,

Maxine Nightingale – Right Back Where We Started From
The first Christmas I spent in New York on my own, the TV kept showing a movie trailer featuring this track. I loved it anyway but now it always reminds me of that Christmas Day waking up at the Waldorf pretending I was a Park Avenue Princess, then moving to the much more sobre surroundings of Chelsea Star Hotel – my regular for some years – for the rest of the week.
The film by the way was the Family Stone which I did watch whilst I was there

Home – Michael Buble
The latest track added to the playlist. Reminds me of when I came back to pack up England and was desperate to go back home……to New York. It’s going to be unbelievably emotional listening to this when I finally make it back there.

Don Henley – New York Minute
Of course

Billy Joel – New York State of Mind
Of course too

I’m sure I’ll think of more but that’s it for now. Look forward to your comments and if you can find any better Youtube links!
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I keep remembering more tunes from earlier days!
Tom Waits – Downtown Train

I don’t even mind the Rod Stewart version which you may find more palatable

And how can I forget the first song I ever heard in NYC, Crowded House, Don’t Dream It’s Over.
It was early Monday morning after we had arrived at the weekend, I turned on the radio and this came on. Still provokes one of my happiest memories ever.


2 thoughts on “Soundtrack to New York

  1. This is my short comment I will be back with a proper long comment later – I have so much to say and not enough time (at this moment) to say it lol.

    I love so many of those songs too!

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