Movie – Capitalism: A Love Story

Disappointedly for the BF, I don’t recognise the name Michael Moore but I do know of his work, possibly due to his healthcare film being featured on Oprah.

The first thing to note here is the documentary style film manages to amply illustrate how stupid some Americans are. It’s not capitalism’s fault if your house gets repossessed, it’s because you didn’t pay your bills. The American Dream is not about having it; it’s about earning your right to and working towards it.

Leaving that aside, yes the banks and authorities are in a ridiculous state and need to be held accountably for the world’s financial atrocities in the last 18 months and I imagine for many years before. It’s despicable to lend money to people who can ill afford to pay it back but perhaps not entirely illegal. It should be. If you need to reposess, there are easier, gentler and more humane ways. Losing your house, your home, the roof over your head has got to be a low point in a lifetime but there must be a dignified way of dealing with these issues. Let’s hope the laws change before the next recession.

The film, however, is not at all doom and gloom but Moore’s incredibly humorous take on the capitalist world and brilliantly illustrates the ridiculous dealings by the financial industry, especially during the current economical mess.

The funniest point is towards the end when Moore tries to make a citizen’s arrest at one the guilty banks. There is a also a touching story included about how the workers go about battling for redundancy after their firm closes and a company that is completely staff owned and managed.

A witty film worth watching. 7½/10 Smile Factor 8/10

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The Michael Moore Collection – Sicko, Fahrenheit 9/11, Bowling for Columbine [DVD] [2008]


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