Movie – Law Abiding Citizen

One of the fun things about being on the other side of the Atlantic is seeing movies before they come out in the UK. Not always, British movies often come out in UK first and huge block busters are often released to the world at large simultaneously but I’d not seen Law Abiding Citizen being advertised in the UK so have no clue on its content when I go to see it with my cinema buddy on a Friday evening in Montreal.

So the opener was a shock.

The gruesome, violent crime against a family in Philadelphia in my opinion is not a ‘13+’ but at least 15 or even 18. Not that you see anything but the implication is unbelievably strong and all you need to see are the frightened faces of the victims on what is about to happen to them and the victorious looks on the marauders faces. Intensely frightening.

So that’s a sign of a good thriller, having you on the edge of your seat.

I felt a little easier in my seat after this but took an instant dislike to Jamie Foxx’s District Attorney character, clearly ambitious and lacking in morals and maybe ethics on his climb up the legal career mountain.

For some reason, I guess for added cruelty, Gerard Butler, who plays one of the victims survives the attack and obviously sets out on getting justice for the killing of his wife and daughter. We soon find out why he is the ‘Law Abiding Citizen’ and that’s to be expected but the best thing is how he goes about doing this.

Quite frankly, I didn’t mind the gruesomeness one bit when it was to the bad guys although the BF wasn’t too keen to watch.

Fortunately he has the means both financially and intellectually but also time-wise because most of his acts are handled from while he’s inside prison – from his confined cell.

This is what makes this story interesting and well worth a watch as you follow the twists and turns figuring out how. You may need to avert your eyes for the first ten or so minutes. 7½/10 Smile factor 5/10

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Law Abiding Citizen 11×17 Movie Poster

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