Gratitude List – October 09

This is the first of a potential regular series of gratitude lists. However, as it’s the first, it’s a long one;

It’s my birthday this month, I’m grateful to have lived for 43 years
Its autumn, my favourite season, I’m grateful for my sight to be able to see the beautiful fall colours and watch the wind make the orange leaves dance outside my window.
I’m grateful to the most welcoming place in Birmingham, Urban Coffee Co whose staff greets me like a friend and serve the best coffee in the city. I’m grateful that they have lots of newspapers to read and what seems to be an inspirational view out to the commercial hub of Birmingham.
I’m grateful for Kissme Cupcakes for agreeing to supply Urban Coffee Co but mostly for being such great ladies.
I’m grateful to Birmingham Library which lets me know when any book I want to read is ready to collect and who stocks an array of interesting magazines.
I’m grateful to my room mate who has given me virtually my entire winter wardrobe as mine is stuck in New York. And for letting me know about the Elle writing competition.
I’m very grateful to still have a small section of friends who although may not understand the hell I’m go through this year, are there to support me anyway. People always think I can handle everything live throws at me and I can. But I haven’t the strength to handle both the downturn of 2009 and being barred from USA and therefore New York. I never had a plan B. Although the events have left me very much shaken and stirred, I’m grateful that I’m not beaten and I know I will find a way.
Therefore I’m grateful to my parents in installing strong sense of self belief.
I’m grateful for my health.
I’m grateful of the memories of this time last year; when I flew out to New York on 26th to embark on my big adventure and have the time of my life. Those five months were everything I dreamt of and a whole lot more so I’m grateful for that time to now be an inspiration to get back there.
I didn’t know anyone so I’m grateful to have met people in America, some of whom are still friends now. I didn’t expect to fall in love – well not this soon – but I guess New York must have opened my heart as otherwise I still wouldn’t have let anyone in. But since I have, I’m grateful that he is funny, intelligent, warm, creative, caring, independent (that’s an important one), comforting and loving. And tall. I’m most grateful that for some unknown reason he has stuck with me this year although we’re 3300 miles apart.
I’m grateful to the few clients that have stayed with me whilst the world has been in turmoil and turned the lives of many upside down.
I’m always grateful to Marks & Spencer, the one constant in my life.


One thought on “Gratitude List – October 09

  1. I am grateful for my parents, they are hosting me and my housemate while we get our (me and CJ and the housemates) house sorted out.

    I am grateful that I have friends like you who take the time to help me job search.

    I am grateful that I have a job at all at the moment – I could have been in a worse place thats for sure!

    I am grateful for the air con in the summer but seriously it’s October turn it off now and put the heating on please!

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