Book – About a Boy, Nick Hornby

It’s odd reading a book after I have seen the film – many times – but as I am catching up on classics, I put Nick Hornby amongst them. I have two more ready to read; High Fidelity and Fever Pitch covering two of my passions, music and football respectively.

I’m not sure exactly what About a Boy was meant to cover but it’s an enjoyable read. Nick Hornby has a fantastic way of putting the reader right next to the characters, all of whom are skilfully explored. The biggest difference is that Rachel, the object of Will’s desire is featured much more and they don’t have the break up as in the film but both versions work equally well.

Some of the great lines from the film do come from the book which is good to see but the book goes on for another 100 pages before it comes to the conclusion the hollywoodised film does, albeit in a different way.
This means it provides real value over the film but ultimately, the film does a great job of bringing this story to life.
8 /10
Inspiration faction 8/10

Buy – About a Boy

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