Birthday Trip – Diary October 23 2009

The more you have, the harder you work to hang on to it.
That just popped into my head and the more I think about it, the truer it appears.

It’s six days to my birthday. In previous years, this is the most important and anticipated day of the year.

It’s four days until my holiday, the first since Washington last year although yes technically I did have a two week staycation when the boyfriend came over in August. My first staycation, it was fantastic for obvious reasons but did not feel like a real holiday, even during the few days spent away from home in London.

Its five days until I see the BF again and that’s the most important countdown.

Up until three years ago, the birthday was celebrated with an extravaganza. I hosted a party which masqueraded as the one day of the year when all my friends from all areas of the country came together to help me celebrate. Well almost all; some seemed to plan other things even when my birthday conveniently fell on the same day each year.

I push the boat out year after year, coming up with new theme (never fancy dress. I don’t do fancy dress) until my big 40. Here I end the tradition with the proverbial bang at my ‘Letting it all go’ party and declare from thereon, I will take my party budget and spend it on myself.

And so the new tradition began on my 41st birthday with five days in San Francisco the idea being to travel to a new city on my C list every year. The A and B lists have long been completed but perhaps I’ll write about that another time. I love San Fran and I can’t wait to go back.

For my 42nd birthday the destination is Washington although I don’t spend my actual birthday there. I have already arrived in New York for the long term so that’s about all the excitement I could take and therefore delay my birthday trip to Christmas – which I normally spend in New York. Are you still with me?

I love Washington, especially Georgetown, home of so many West Wing (best TV series ever) scenes and I can’t wait to go back.

For my 43rd I’m heading to Montreal, not actually on the C or any other list but, for practical reasons, the BF suggests it’s a good meeting and possibly long term place as it’s only a few hours drive from New York. I’ve never been before although I have been to Toronto and much of the West side of Canada so it will be great to see a new place – and to find out how much school girl French I remember.
So I fly out on Tuesday to acclimatise and the BF comes up on Wednesday although it will be evening by the time he arrives. I’ve promised if he get’s there on the 5pm Greyhound I’ll buy him a big dinner. If he’s on the later bus at 8.30 – he’s on his own. But in truth of course I’ll still buy him a big dinner with a big smile on my face.

The important thing is that when I wake up on my birthday the next day, I’ll have the best birthday present ever lying right next to me.

Joyeux anniversaire à moi!
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