Diary – Countdown to Montreal October 18th 2009

The countdown to Montreal is well on its way; I’m going next Tuesday on Air Canada and no doubt will be trying to recall my schoolgirl French on route.

The two months since the boyfriend came over to the UK have sure gone quicker than the 5 months we had apart before then.

This is my favourite time of year, not just because the trip is to commemorate my birthday; although this day is celebrated in a different way to the last 15 years of big parties. I still want to acknowledge another precious year on this planet so I now go away every year. And it seems wasteful to go away somewhere I can’t see the BF!

I love this season anyway; I like the climate, the gorgeous fall colours and the clothes. Changing from summer dresses to wool, cropped jeans to flared tweeds, sun hats to warm caps, denim to (fake) fur and best of all shoes to boots – not that I have any pairs here – they are all in New York along with my coats.

I give the BF one of the keys and key card to the Manhattan Mini storage unit – just in case. With hindsight it’s a good idea as he offers to go and get some bits for me. However, he gallantly travels from 42nd to 107th Street for me on Saturday, armed with spare bags and the keys.

90 minutes of tense conversation with me trying to be as patient (not my best virtue) as possible in his ear, we realise that he needs both keys for the padlock and they are not duplicates! Oh dear! Poor guy. And poor me, as I’m going to freeze without all my lovely collection of coats, winter kilts and knee high boots!

I don’t give him both keys as he has admitted to losing at least two items of clothing since I have known him. And I do wish (as I’d suggested) he’d have just asked the guy on reception to assist him then we would have known immediately.
But I still call him a couple of hours later to apologise as he’s so good to go for me and try to figure out what ‘tweed’ and ‘emerald green’ are in trying to find the items I need (would like).

I put the other key in the post pending postal strike and US post office efficiency – and if he has time, he will go back as I could really do with my super dooper, brand new straightners I left there.

Otherwise I will continue to look a mess and be cold until at least Christmas. Or, I have a feeling I’ll be shopping for at least 1 coat and pair of shoes in Canada. It’s a shame the exchange rate is almost as bad as the US.

BTW I have been doing more writing than ever but not blogging as I’m trying to get articles published on Powder Room Graffiti first. I have at least 5-6 articles written and at least that many more ideas. If you have any more, please check out the website (it’s anti reality TV, selebs & all I dislike about our current society but full of grown up (women’s) issues and lots of fun) let me know via comments!


4 thoughts on “Diary – Countdown to Montreal October 18th 2009

  1. Canada and USA – One day I will have enough pennies to visit both places! I want to go Montreal and Quebec in Canda and the list of places in the US grows every year lol.

    I used one of my favourite scarves when I was being a first aider at a car accident on Friday so yesterday I treated myself to a new one. The original was magenta with sparkly bits and black stars the new one is a long woolie one that I have to wrap round my neck twice (and even then it’s dangling near my waist!

    My Winter coat is packed at the bottom of a packing box in my bedroom (exchaning contracts today hoping to complete Friday) I’m in two minds whether to unpack the whole box to get to it – or wear my massive hoodie with a thick scarf and woolie hat until I can get back to my coat.

  2. Ooohh save the big coat it until you unpack in he new house – how exciting! Another thing to look forward to. Hope all goes well!

    I’ve been to pretty much everywhere I want to go in both countries so I’m on the C list – but I started 20 years ago! I wanted to go to Chicago and Dallas this year but alas that will have to wait until visa get’s sorted so discovering a bit more of Canada instead.

    • I’ve done Europe, France 4 or 5 times, Germany twice (once was travelling through and the second was Munich Airport so I dont think it counts!), Spain (Barcelona – loved it!) and Izmir, Turkey (that kinda depends on where you draw the line for Europe/Asia.)

      Top 10 are: NY, Washington, Boston, Montreal, Quebec, Tokyo, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington (NZ), Rome.

      My friend and her new hubby are in Cuba this week! I am kinda jealous but tbh it’s not actually that high on places I want to visit. My OH wants to show me the Metro stations in Moscow – but it’s a look way to go just for that lol.

  3. Way to go – make a list. You’ll get to all of them now!
    Of yours, I’ve done all the US ones and Rome. Not keen on Europe (yes I know it’s big) or Oz (ditto) but loved Italy – been to most of the north. Love Barcelona too – doesn’t feel like Spain. That may have been just cos I went for the footie tho!
    Obviously Montreaal next wk, been to Toronto yrs ago and did all of the West side years ago. I would have been going to Vancouver next wk – loved it there but wd defeat the object of BF mtg me from close by New York! Plus, I did say I sould go to a new city for my bday each year once I hit the 40. So Montreal it is.
    Quite fancied Tokyo too – maybe just for a day stop over tho. It sounds crazy.
    Maybe do Quebec next in ‘discovering Canada mission whilst being close enough to NYC’.
    Never done Germany, didn’t like Paris (or anywhere else in France) although I will be brushing up my French next week!

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