Movie – Surrogates

Not one to pass on a Bruce Willis flick, I finally get to see Surrogates. It’s both shorter and better than I expected although I really didn’t know what to look forward to from the trailer. Remarkably, the film ends where I expected it to start so the trailer is a little misleading.

The basic story is that we are living in a world where rather than risk our actual beings, our bodies stay safely at home in bed whilst our flawless, plastic, bad-hair-day-free, fantasy surrogates go out and live, work and party.

This means we can make reckless decisions without harming our well being and experience more of what the world has to offer without risk.

This dreadful but harmless world is turned upside down when 2 people are killed when their surrogates are damaged and this is when Bruce Willis’ character realises something is wrong in Utopia.

A highlight therefore is seeing the Willis surrogate complete with blond floppy hair and a Barbie doll-like wrinkle-free 30 year old face being docked in the charging bay so that the real, greying, shaven, furrowed 50-something version can get ready to save the world.

That’s not to say this is a Willis action block buster. Far from it; it’s a sci-fi thriller with enough twists and turns to keep you entertained but not too many to make you uncomfortable in your seat.

Agent Greer, the officer played by Bruce Willis, whose wife refuses to let her real self come out since the death of their son, is not too enamoured with her plastic, perfect, younger, bimbo-esque surrogate which adds a very humane touch to the story.

I would have liked another 20 minutes after the world is saved to be assured it went back to some sort of normality but otherwise, it’s a very watchable movie. 7½/10 Smile factor 8/10 (the blond floppy hair is worth that)


7 thoughts on “Movie – Surrogates

  1. I saw the trailer and it was kinda reminiscent of I, Robot. It is on the list of films to see but between moving house and going to two weddings in October my spare time is getting eaten up lol.

  2. I never saw I, Robot – looked a bit over the top – even though it had who my BF & I call the President in it (joke not as gd now that we have Pres Obama – I used to always say Will Smith 4 president when he made a good film)

    • I think Will Smith would be an awesome president lol. Me and my Mum used to watch The West Wing and one of our favourite films is The American President (Martin Sheen plays The President in one of them and then plays the president’s sidekick in the other)

  3. I think UR Mum & I wd be best friends.
    West Wing is my fave prog of all time – you can see why I’m lost with current TV. I liked that film too & pretty much have a secret obsession with the US presidency.
    We also have Tom Hanks (chief of Staff), Bruce Willis (Sec of Defence) in our presidential staff – can’t think of the others at the mo – we must write it down!

    • Alison Janney and Rob Lowe. Who’s the speech writer in The American President?

      The best quote is in that long speech at the end

      “I am Andrew Shephard and I **AM** the president”
      “And whatever you do stay away from Dupont Circle I hear it’s murder at this time”

      (Me and my Mum actually quote it now!)

  4. Dupont Circle – went to Washington last year for my birthday treat (although went later as I was already in NY – enough of a treat I figured)
    On the v exciting bus journey from NY, girl in front was watching last episode of West Wing!! She had headset on but that didn’t stop me know what was going on.

    Love it! About Dupont circle – had a very pleasurable big coffee sunk into a sofa with sun streaming in on a cold December morning. I wish I had remembered that line then! You can read if you wish on old blog

    Rob Lowe played the speach writer (on initial series), Alison Janney (excellent in ‘Away We Go’) was Press spokesperson type girl

    • Before we changed our phone provider we got The West Wing on an on demand service thingy – I didn’t realise till I saw that the actress who plays Calleigh Dusquene (Sp?) in CSI Miami was in TWW for a little stint – I keep wanted to buy the big box set of TWW but at one point it was £50 for the 10 DVDs which is a lot of money but then again it is worth it – I think I worked it out down to the cost per episode!

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