Life in my Hands

My left hand has many more lines than the other.

Does that mean I have lots more adventures to come or have I had most of them already?
I would bet that I have scores more to come as I’ve become accustomed to my life being one big adventure or more truthfully, a succession of mini journeys. A bit like child size portions, I am largely blessed with oodles of mini events that put a smile on my face and make be feel a little more sanctified on more days than none.

To think where these hands have been. What they have touched. Who they have touched. In different countries. In different decades. In different situations. All part of the rich tapestry that is life.

My life is full of the wonderment of gorgeous memories like each sweet in a pic-a-mix packet being different but similar. I have had more of an assortment of sweets than the average person, maybe 5 or even 10 lifetimes worth.

Perhaps more than I deserve but I’d be the first to protest that I put a lot into my life to achieve the goal of happiness. It is not by luck.
The best thing is I’m no longer chained to the corporate or indeed the business world but I’m building a portfolio career to fit around my lifestyle, the lifestyle of the semi-retired.

The best is yet to come.

Originally from February 2009


One thought on “Life in my Hands

  1. I’m the other end of that. I went to uni to aim higher for a job that would suit me or that I’d be at least a little bit happy in but because i didn’t get a 2.1 (I was 3 marks off it) I can’t get on a Graduate scheme and lots of places ask “Why do you want a job in X when you’re degree is in Performing Arts?” Erm well because arts is lovely but it doesn’t pay the bills lol.

    Oh well one day I’ll find something to do for now I’m a Customer Service Rep.

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