Diary – September 16th 2009

Bloomingdale bag watch: 2

One small blue one yesterday on the wrong side of Broad Street. One small brown one today.


I feel a little lighter today.

I submitted the article I have been working on for the magazine competition. Exactly 900 words written after the third idea worked and many, many edits ensued. I don’t feel I can improve it anymore so it has gone. You could be reading my words on a completely different website in months to come….

Secondly I finished my short piece entitled ‘Why My Friends Don’t Tweet. I decided not to publish it on the blog and try sending it to few nationals first. In fact I’m going to make a concise effort to send something to each national contact every 3-4 weeks. There, I have committed to that here. I need to read and then write about different topical subjects and keep submitting to the different national newspaper sections.

I like this life but it will be better when I get paid for it.


I’ve also put together and email list of around 50 contacts to remind them of my consultancy service (training, project management, recruitment) and will drop them a line every 3 -4 weeks too.


Today I called the Canadian Embassy for around 5th or 6th time. I wrote to them 2 weeks ago but haven’t received a response but once again the helpful lady categorically said I should not have any problems with visiting Canada as long as I have:

  • British passport
  • Return ticket
  • Funds for my stay
  • No criminal record (helpful)

I feel much more confident but may well obtain a police clearance certificate to add to my CRB certificate and carry with my passport, just in case.

I’ll call the boyfriend later to let him know to schedule the time off next month. Montreal here I come!

In celebratory mood, I decide to try out Bebos for coffee, as recommended by my fave coffee shop Urban Coffee Co as its a little closer to home.

I’m not having coffee though; as this is the first place I have come across is Birmingham that does chai tea! Not chai latte – although they do that as well but the real refreshing stuff.

Also they have wi fi and power sockets which I have noted for future reference.

Feeling good.

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