Bloomingdale Bag Watch (part of on occasional series)

They must have been on holiday – in New York – but the Bloomingdale bag ladies are back in Birmingham!
I just saw the lady who has the large blue shopper bag on the wrong side of Broad Street.

I diverted to Costa at Brindley Place today even though I may just have made it to the ICC coffee shop before they close at 3pm. It’s too nice a day to sit inside without windows. Mainly I came here, and sat at the same table, because it’s scene of my creative brilliance last week. I’m writing an article on Style (hopefully for a national magazine) and I got the best idea after the third attempt whilst sat here. Today I’m doing what I hope is one of the last edits on it and I’ve now got it to the 900 words requested.

From most editors, that would be an approximation but this is for a writing competition so I don’t want to risk having my entry thrown out.

Fingers crossed!

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