Diary Boyfriends Visit P5: The Fond Farewell (September 1st 2009)

London Part Two

Monday is an early start with me getting some work done before taking the car back first thing. This was the only time we spent apart in the whole 2 weeks, not counting the odd moments we’d be in different rooms when I had work to do or when I watched Match of the Day and excused the BF to watch TV in the other room. However, I sacrificed the second half to join him – football is on every week after all.

We have had our silly moments bought on by some tense situations but other than that, we got on brilliantly and I treasure every moment we have had together, even the tense ones. Any tension lasted less than a minute anyway.

I haven’t once minded his stuff everywhere and I know I’ll miss it when all I have is the empty space. I’m not going to like the gaps in my day that he so warmly filled either. I know it won’t be like this every day but time will tell. Our taxi arrives and as usual, we have got ready in plenty of time, perfectly co-ordinated.

After we have got through the rigmarole of BF having to carry his cases down the stairs at New Street Station – I already had my own overnight case to carry – his were a little fuller now that his entire M&S gift card had been spent on great new clothes. We have a relatively smooth journey thereafter and the Burns Western hotel is just a jump, hop and a skip from Earls Court tube on a delightful square.

After resting and checking our emails, we go to the M&S food store we clocked earlier for our now customary picnic but unfortunately couldn’t get into the residents-only aforementioned beautiful square and decide against climbing over the railings so end up walking to Holland Park to eat. I didn’t want to drag the BF yet again but it was only around 10 minutes and we have great fun observing the dog walkers and the yummy mummies/nannies that I forewarned him about. One dog caught our attention; it’s one of those with loads of dark fur skin layers and each time the owner stops to speak to anyone, he would flop out on his belly on all fours rather than putting his paws underneath his body! It made us laugh out loud and for some reason his walker went past us a few times. Wish we’d taken a picture.

After lunch we walk through Kenny High Street passing the Whole Foods that I didn’t realise was there towards Kensington Palace for another chill out but only after I laughed out loud again when BF imitated the whole dog flopping out action!

I’m absolutely delighted to come across Whole Foods, my NY food store and if I wasn’t with BF I would have spent a good hour browsing food (yes really) and spending on goodies I can’t eat in the next few hours or carry back home. It feels like I’m back in New York again for a few moments at least. This is where I would normally go on Friday nights or Saturday mornings to pick up treats to take to the BF in the NY country.

We just get cake and then we’re in the Niro’s we had spotted earlier on our walk down for our last coffee break in the sunshine.

Fortune Cookies

Our last night and although not a big fan of Chinese, I know the boyfriend likes it so we chose that for our last evening meal at a fairly empty restaurant on a Monday night on Earls Court Road.  I introduce him to aromatic duck pancakes as I’ve never seen this starter in New York and follow with a lovely meal before we stroll back to the hotel. We decide against having a night cap in one of the pubs along the way.

This is it. Our last night.

Heathrow Part 2

I arise first and look out at the beautiful view of the square though our patio doored balcony. I furiously work through my emails and then shower whilst BF slowly wakes up and finishes his packing. I’m feeling sad but optimistic. We’ve discussed how this is going to work which is the conversation I really needed to have. All being well, we’ll meet in Montreal for a very long weekend for my Birthday in 2 months and then we’ll work something out for Christmas which is our one year anniversary. I’m elated that he suggests this and that he’s happy with a transatlantic relationship although I sense we are both nervous to think beyond that. For now, we’re happy.

We check out of the Burns Hotel early and head for the local bakery at the BF’s suggestion, possibly the only decision he has made since his arrival (!) for a quick and light breakfast. Still in decisive mode it’s apparent that he doesn’t like being late for flights and he chooses what he wants and grabs us a table keeping hold of the luggage and instantly makes friends with an old gent whilst I collect the food. His companion appears to be ex military, an immaculately suited gentleman full of stories. I have no idea what they talked about but upon joining them, the gent keeps referring to me as the ‘wife’. I’m no stranger to that as the BF’s number one fan (a title I’m contesting him for) has called me that from when I first met him around early spring.

Meeting an English gentleman was befitting for the last few hours in England.

We had an easy ride to Heathrow airport having already checked in online last night and just need to drop luggage off at which point I take a step back and wait within eyesight just in case I‘m needed. A few minutes later frantic waving lead me back to the desk but it was a false alarm. I never do remember to ask why.

A proper late breakfast is called for and we head up to my usual pre-flight eating place although I’m not yet hungry so just have a croissant whilst the BF is enjoying meatballs and spaghetti. I think he manages to find all his favourite meals in England – and then some. There is no time that he hasn’t cleaned up so the myth that England doesn’t have good food is clearly smashed, something I have always maintained to be true.

12.25. Time for the final farewell. Although there were a few tears last night and at some other times, he had missed those but I can’t disguise the stream from my eyes now. The moment is touchingly interrupted with the BF’s well timed humour by singing the Canadian anthem, our next meeting place.

As promised at the start, I don’t take my eyes of him until he disappears behind the screens and bobbing heads through security.

There are only a few tears as I text him on the tube back to the hotel to retrieve my luggage. Predominantly, I feel deliriously happy.

I feel like my cup has been filled to the brim with fun, love and happiness and I’m going to sip from it very, very slowly to make it last the next 8 weeks.

This time our separation is planned.

This time I know when we’ll see each other again and know it will be time beautifully spent.

This time I know where I stand.

As I tweeted at that time; Happy but sad. Fulfilled but without. Optimistic but cautious. Excited but patient (that’s a first!). Tired but motivated. Loved & inspired.   5:12 PM Aug 25th from TwitterBerry


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