Movie – Funny People

Not my usual type of film but the trailer didn’t look too bad. I’m in the mood for a film fest for the next few weeks heading into autumn, my favourite season and not just because my birthday’s at the end of it. There’s plenty on but I figure if I don’t like Funny People, I could just leave as it is very long for a comedy at over 2 hours.

I’m not a fan of Adam Sandler either, he always seems to play whimsical characters and indeed there is a little insecurity in the comic he plays here, not least of all because he has just been diagnosed with a rare form of leukaemia for which there is only experimental medicine. With possibly a limited time to live, he pays a local comic to write jokes and be his aid as he tries to enjoy the time left and least of all, try to amend the bad deeds afforded to his ex, the ‘one that got away’.

Not so much of a traditional wimp, apparently comic + fame = playboy (looks/age not important) which gives licence to graphic sexual scenes. Because this film is meant for boys 15 – 40, there is a male genetalia joke in every scene. Every scene. I won’t put it as crudely as I saw it on Twitter earlier, I’m guessing by another female film goer.

However, considering the length of the film, there wasn’t much repeating and the story naturally unfolded until it went full circle. Sandler played an ego’d meany very well and there’s a smattering of famous faces thrown in who are carefully explained just in case like me, you don’t immediately recognise  them although I do spot Sarah Silverman in the bar.

The funniest scene, which was in the trailer, is when he goes to visit the second doctor.

The ending was good which left the comic wondering what would have happened if he married ‘the one’. I don’t remember hearing any music. 7½/10  Smile Factor 7½/10    September 4th 2009


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