Movie – Broken Embraces


The much publicised new Penelope Cruz Spanish film makes a good contrast to last weeks G.I. Joe.

The Spanish accent is not at all annoying as the French. Shame my next trip is to the very French, Montreal.

I cannot workout why it’s a thriller although it is a good drama with several entwining but easy to follow stories. Cruz plays a wannabee actress who gets her break when the film director falls for her even though their meeting is enabled by her steady romance with a much older and wealthy benefactor. All the publicity stills do her justice; she is stunning with a huge acknowledged nod to the iconic Audrey Hebpurn.

The older boyfriend is not to happy with her affair with the younger film director especially as he is a patron and has controlling interest in the film production and so the thriller part of the film commences. These revelations are narrated by the film director some years after their affair so there is a lot of back and forth but the story is great.

I cannot fault this stylishly crafted, well cast European flick.  7½/10    Smile Factor 8/10 (For Ms Hepburn)

August 28th 2009

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