Movie – G.I. Joe

A bonus movie for a Sunday evening when nothing else was showing. BF and I fancied one more film before he returned home to NYC.

Strangely during his time in England, I’ve been sent free preview tickets for 3 films so either I never noticed them before or the film God is encouraging us both to do one of our joint favourite things. We used to see a movie together most weeks in New York and whilst I’m happy to go on my own once a week, he’s lost his cinema buddy.

G.I. Joe unfortunately was not a freebie as then it would have been value for money. I appreciated if was meant for (possibly written by) 12 year old boys and enjoyed it for what it was, although I had dropped the age to 8 years by the end with one too many showings of women in tight fitting black leather clothing.

BF just didn’t understand why the story line was so bad but I enjoyed seeing Christopher Ecclestone (Doctor Who) on the big screen, especially playing a baddie.   BF: 0/10 (No amount of discussion would change that)   GF: 6½ /10     Smile factor 8/10    Wince factor 9/10

August 23rd 2009

3 thoughts on “Movie – G.I. Joe

  1. If you like going to the cinema lots if you have a Cineworld near you they do an unlimited card (£14 a month and you go as many times as you like) and with the price of going to the cinmea having gone up again go twice and you’ve covered it. The downside is you have to sign up for a 12 month contract initially but then it’s pretty much month by month after that 🙂

    Can’t say G.I. Joe is my cup of tea but if my friends want to go I might go see it anyway (handiness of an unlimited card also – if you go and you don’t like the film it’s not a waste of money if you walk out in the middle)

  2. Thanks for your comments. It’s def a boys film but I do love action.
    Yes I’ve had a cineworld card for few years – it used to be £9.99. They did let me cancel when I showed them my plane ticket last time – not sure if they’ll let me do it again but we’ll see. On top of that I get a lot of preview tickets which are wasted as I don’t pay extra anyway – but at least I get to see the films first!
    Away We Go that I saw yesterday – best film all year I think. Go see it!

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