Movie – Away We Go

I was offered preview of this and as I wanted to see it anyway, I squeezed it into the schedule. And I’m very glad I did although over 2 hours have never gone so fast in a cinema!

There were laughs from the very opening scene and I didn’t recognise anyone until it got to Maggie Gyllenhaal. The characters were not ‘Hollywood’ beautiful but ordinary, believable but still beautiful.

The story, of a 30 something, not quite got their life together yet couple find themselves pregnant and decided to travel around American to decide where they want to start their family, made me think of last year’s Juno, especially the initial folksy singer-songwriter music and then up pops Allison Janney. I had to strain to recognise her and I certainly didn’t notice it was her from the trailer. Even then I wait until the credits to check but she does comedy brilliantly.

Not to say the whole film is funny. It’s actually full of life’s issues; unexpected pregnancy, lack of pregnancy, relationship breakdowns et all but with lots of humour. As with most very funny dramas, ala Muriel’s Wedding, there has to be a point where things go wrong. Whereas with the brilliant Australian caper, it bought the film right down halfway through, this didn’t happen with Away We Go and they managed to tinge the really sad bits with just a little humour but an awful lot of warmth.

The music, as always a barometer for me is fantastic and I loved the inclusion of my newly acquired taste for George Harrison’s ‘What is Life?’ I also loved the Montreal scenes as I’m planning to visit for the first time this year. The city also featured in the French gangster flick, Mesrine, but not so well!

Watch out for hysterical stroller scene and the warming and funny maple syrup scene. I don’t need to tell you about the funny start, you’ll be riveted from the off.

Best film since Milk and The Wrestler and like the latter, I may well see it again when it’s out on general release. 8½/10 Smile factor 8½/10

September 1st 2009


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