Movie – Inglorious Basterds

This is the one the BF and I had planned to watch together.

Although I warm to Tarantino when I see him being interviewed, most recently  brilliantly on the Jonathan Ross show, I cannot recall enjoying any of his crazy genius films. This is the movie I was hoping will change that status.

In fact I was looking forward to seeing it but it had one major drawback; Brad Pitt.

That fact that I don’t like Brad Pitt, George Clooney et all is a great source of amusement for the BF. He thinks Brad Pitt is ‘the man’ and indeed he was very good in this film, witty throughout the brilliantly written script. The rest of the cast were excellent too in all together well made movie. I couldn’t fault it but BF thought more of Brad’s witticisms would have improved it. I said any more of the southern accent would have been overkill.

You’d think he’d appreciate not to be competing with the big screen ‘pretty boys’ for my affections.

Tarantino – the boy done good.   Both verdicts 7½/10    Smile factor 8½/10

August 20th 2009


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