How come I’ve never heard of Julia Childs?

In USA or UK?
Apparantly she changed America…….
Looking forward to film though – any film about food is good!


4 thoughts on “How come I’ve never heard of Julia Childs?

  1. Indeed.
    Point being if she changed the world with her French cooking – wouldn’t we have known about it? 20 years back and forth to USA says I don’t think her cooking was a a big an influence in the American household as the film hype dictates.
    Still Martha Stewart is raving about and I look forward to seeing it!

    • I retract my previous comment lol. Maybe she’s one of those “celebrity” chefs that only a few people have heard of. For example if Jamie Oliver or Ainsley Harriott hadn’t been on the television would we have heard of them? (Not really sure if thats the right comparison though lol! Cooking isn’t my forte so I stick to my Usbourne first cookery book and student cook book – nice and simple recipes!)

  2. I’ve just this minute been chatting to my boyfriend in New York about this. He say’s apparantly she changed America in other ways – I guess because being a chef in those days especially was very much male dominated (not much has changed). I don’t cook but love food so will review film when I see it

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