Movie – The Hurt Locker

Probably not one on the A list had it not been for the fact that I got free preview tickets and the BF was itching to go to the cinema since he arrived from NY 6 days ago.

I’d been seeing some positive comments on Twitter about it from the US for a few weeks but didn’t realise the war movie was directed by a woman, Katherine Bigelow. That put an interesting slant on it and in fact it had a refreshing take on a combat movie set in Iraq and filmed in nearby Jordan, a little close for comfort I believe for some film backers

The story centred around the bomb disposal team whose sole purpose was to diffuse bombs left behind or left for them specifically to be detonated remotely. A new man was bought in, played by Jeremy Renner, after the existing dismantler was killed at the start of the movie and the rest of the three man team and to keep him safe and alive, watching out for suspicious looking characters – would be snipers and detonators – whilst appearing friendly to the local civilians.

The film moved a long at a good pace but was a little long, even with the brief appearance of Ralph Fiennes to raise both office hope and independent film finance.  BF verdict: 9/10 comfortable cinema  GF verdict:7/10   Smile factor 6/10. A few funny moments but remind me not to join the army.

August 18th 2009


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