Movie – Moon

I was meant to see this on Friday as usual but a friend, we shall call her Jag(uar) wanted to come. She was running late from test driving some new Jaguar that isn’t even out till next year so we changed to Saturday. Then we changed to Sunday.(Working for Jaguar – one of the best companies in the world surely? Hopefully one day they’ll create a car that isn’t 4 or 5 litres and therefore more economical to drive).

If I’d known, I would have offered Sunday roast but we’d already agreed on the Friday fish and chips. Its odd both having fish and chips and going to the cinema on a Sunday.

After F&C, we got to the cinema in time to catch the trailer for The Picture of Dorian Gray. It looks very dark and very watchable. Something to look forward to in September.

Moon is riveting right from the off. There is no (need for an) explanation as to why this astronaut is out there on his own and it reminded me of not being able to watch Castaway all the way through with the Tom Hanks character being pretty much the only character. He had a ball to talk to and Sam (Sam Rockwell – immense) the astronaut has a robotic computer, Gerty, with the voice of Kevin Spacey. Gerty, apart from being a fantastic do all butler – hair cuts, meals emotional support – I so want one, also made the film more palatable.

I could do with being alone with Gerty although not for the 3 year stretch that these astronauts endure. The story becomes more alive when the second ‘Sam’ arrives on the scene. Which one is the clone? This, after the initial personality clash between old and new Sam, they set out to find out together. I’ve always thought I would work well with another one or two of me. If only.

As you can imagine, all is not what it seems.

An amazing mind put this film together and that belongs to Duncan Jones (formerly Zowie Bowie) who rightly has been applauded by the critics. More important than their opinion, the boyfriend and I both jointly rave about it which is a first in quite some time. If at all.    8/10    Smile factor 8/10 for Gerty


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