Book – The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

I love Oscar Wilde but have never read this. This would be on my mental list of must read classics to add to the Shakespeare’s that I collected but not read and now reside in New York without me. I’ve been recommended Charles Dickens to add to the list too and no doubt you have some more?

This one is lent to me by my room mate, from now on to be known as the Librarian as she has lent/given me everything from CDs, clothes, toiletries and accessories. And books.

So, I love Oscar Wilde but more his witticisms so I’m not sure about reading this thriller but I’m curious to know how he will bring his infamous humour to it. There is plenty.

Well there at the beginning whilst the artist is still painting the portrait of the seemingly youthful, beautiful Dorian Gray. Once he is introduced to Lord Henry, he is heavily influenced, loses his innocence and moves over to the very much darker side.

I get the feeling in Oscar Wilde’s world, everyone is gay until proven straight, men are boys and boys are beautiful rather than handsome. In this 19th Century world, men and women marry for social status and/or money and they love mistresses. Not sure what the male equivalent of mistress is? Therefore it is perfectly conceivable for everyone one to be gay yet still husbands and fathers.

As the book goes into the second half, I reach a chapter that I just could not focus on and end up skip reading it to the next one, where Mr Gray seems to have aged 10 years and become very wicked indeed. If anyone can summarise chapter 11 I’d very much appreciate it.

It took me the best part of 20-30 minutes to get focussed each time I picked up the book anyway but it got a lot easier the more gruesome it got. I guess human nature dictates our curiosity and I got more intrigued as the mystery of the portrait was unravelled. Or maybe I missed a chunk of the story in chapter 11.

No doubt I will go and see the upcoming film in September with the all Brit cast7 ½ /10   Inspiration factor 4/10


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