A Season of firsts – Diary August 11th 2009

A Season of Firsts (to quote ‘Jersey Boys’)

Last journal blog for a little while but to carry on with theme of firsts, last week I reviewed a film I’d seen on DVD for the first time. It was lent by my room mate and American Gangster is one that I really wanted to see. Actually, I have hired a DVD earlier this year; it was a Clive Owen film that I had never heard off and technically the BF hired it, I agreed on the choice. We like Clive Owen, the boy done good in America.

Another first was of course for the first time in 10 years not having any points on my licence and then picking up two lots on the same day in April, in a hire car. I blame the car for not having cruise control not the driver.

Today, the BF is getting a plane to me in England. I’ll see him when he gets here in the morning. Definitely the first time anyone has flown 3300 miles to see me.

I feel like a girl of 35 again.

Over and out for now but you can following on Twitter @MaveRickwriter

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