You won’t believe this….Diary August 3rd 2009

You won’t believe this.

I was caught on camera speeding.

Twice in the same day in April.

In  a hire car.

What are the chances of that?

Further more, I sent the licence to the first police force but as I had not heard anything for a couple of weeks, I was concerned enough to make  a phone call. They’ve lost my licence!

A frustrating 25 minutes later for most of which I’m just asking one question ‘What do I have to do prevent this going to caught?’, they put the phone down on me. Without answering the question. Are the police allowed to do that. Do we not pay them to protect us?


I call the DVLA who helpfully give me a manager’s address to rush my replacement licence application and pleading covering letter to.

I call daily to check progress.

Day 1. Don’t know if they have received it.

Day 2. Don’t know if they have received it. Can’t tell me anyway until they have processed it and they have posted it back to me

Day 3. I know the drill now

Day 4. £60 has come out of my account – the cost of the speeding fine. I call the police who deny all knowledge of telling me they haven’t received it over the period of the 25 minute phone call. They only told me they were processing it. So why would I have gone to the trouble of purchasing a new one? I ask you?!!

The licence arrived that day. The new one a few days later. So now what do I do?

I need one to hire a car for the boyfriend is over from NYC. Did I mention he was coming?


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