Diary – Is it too American to complain?

July 30th 2009

BF Countdown: Days since – 128. Days to go – 13

Is it too American to complain? Are the British meant to put up with shoddiness?

I was at my fantastic Birmingham Entrepreneurs Group meeting last night and met a chap who founded www.ComplaintCommuni ty.com last year. It’s a forum for people to air their grievances with the objective of the low performing organisation rectifying their mistake in the face of public humiliation. If not, the website is best friends with experts in a variety of fields who will step in to offer advice and help find an alternative solution. Great idea.

He’s even started a National Complaints day each Friday 13th to raise awareness of the service. I offer my support by tweeting about it only to have fellow tweeter @trainChartering tweet back with “Suggestion – every complaint must offer a solution; no whining but positive forward movement!

Well if he’d bothered to look at the website he’d know that’s exactly what it’s all about! He couldn’t send me a DM (direct message) as I don’t follow him but my software allows me to keep track of anyone who uses my business name. I won’t be following him now!

I was dying to retaliate but then I would be complaining so I’m ranting here instead!

Complaint Community is a great website for me as I can check if a potential supplier has any complaints logged before recommending them to clients and contacts.

On the positive side, @ easyJetCare kindly sent me a thank you note after I mentioned they saved the day when I had to book a last minute flight.

A tweeter also recommended a Fish & Chips place for me in London for when the BF comes over but I’m still waiting for REAL US cupcakes. I’ve had a few and tried @kissmecupcakes from the Art Lounge at the Mailbox in Birmingham and as lovely as they are, they are not cupcakes.

Why can’t we keep calling them fairy cakes instead of calling them cupcakes when they are not?

Probably the same reason why we now all live in apartments and not flats?


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