Movie – The Proposal

This looked funny way back from the first trailer preceding the Terminator film. Naturally I couldn’t remember the name but I liked the look of it and Sandra Bullock does comedy very well.

It /she doesn’t disappoint in the comedy stakes and the casting is excellent. I did at first wonder why in the opening scenes an intelligent, professional man would put up with a intolerable, ball crushing boss for not one hour or a few weeks but 3 years and why said boss would put up with a whole room full of –who knows what they all do in a book publishers-  staff who do nothing until she comes in.

Then the funny stuff starts happening so the details don’t matter and I’m laughing all the way to the end. The scenarios are of course hugely over exaggerated for comic affect. Even the inevitable ROMCOM thought-provoking moments were funny and were refreshingly short rather than spoiling the comedic efforts of the rest of the movie.

Having just been refused entry into the US and then refused a new visa, I was thinking I may pick up some tips as it’s all about a Canadian about to be thrown out of the US and therefore her job for ridiculously speculative reasons (touché) who then forces her younger, ambitious assistant to marry her.

I imagined the film could have gone one of two ways; she ends up unmarried and back in Toronto but her former assistant stops hating her, ends up falling for her and so follows her to her new job there. The film goes the other way.

I didn’t pick up any tips and I wish real life was this simple but it was a fantastic way to laugh at life and forget about the reality. For a couple of hours.  8/10.  Smile factor 9/10

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