Boy from New York City July 28th 2009

 Days since – 126. Days to go – 16

I’ve spent the last 4 days booking this hotel. I want to stay in London for the BF’s first night as he is on an overnight flight and it will be good to have a night on our own. Plus we’re in London which is what tourists really want to see so I may as well play tour guide.

I searched a load of hotels on the first night and none of them looked like providing value for money. I decided I’d put some of my long saved, never used air miles towards it move up to at least 4*.

I like the look of Ambassadors as it’s close to Euston station and on the Piccadilly line for Heathrow. Plus they offer a hot breakfast buffet to include pancakes! Not that this sways me completely but it is also the perfect practical location and it’s in an ‘old London’ building.  However, I am a little unsure of the particularly modern interior and the rooms look a little small.

Before booking I decide to check on his arrival date once more and sleep on it. Next morning, he has emailed me the confirmation – one thing I love about the time difference is I generally wake up to an email – but I decide to book the more traditional and scrumptious Radisson Edwardian Grafton on Tottenham Court Road, just another minute away. It’s more modern on the outside but we will see more of the old England interior with a touch of Asian apparently. That will be the Indian owners then. I’m still concerned that the rooms may be a little small but by now I decide we’d spend 2 nights and blow the air miles.

I have always kept them for a special occasion and I can’t think of one more special than this. Another interesting factor is that the hotel is believed to be where the Aston (Martin) club was founded. I belong here!

Only one problem. The room is no longer available. Can’t believe it went overnight! I begin to think of other ideas and maybe split the visit with South West and North West London but my heart is set on the Aston-esque hotel.

Good job I waited as 24 hours later, the room is available for the first night so I book immediately! A chance checking to see what other hotels are available – OK, I was checking every 30 minutes – the Edwardian is available on the second day so I immediately book.

All is confirmed. All is well.

Not that it matters in the grand scheme of things but it’s nice to have things go my way for a change.


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