I can’t go to New York, so New York is coming to me – July 27th 2009

July 27th 2009

Days since 127 Days to go 17

It’s been a long time coming and on some days, I did not dare imagine it but the day is near; the boyfriend has finally booked his flight to come to England. I think in the back of his mind he thought I’d get the new Visa and be on the first flight back. Even if the result was positive, US immigrations would prefer to see me pace my stays in the US for the time being, a few years at least.

The first time he bought up the visit without me cajoling him was about a week after the failed visa interview. It gave me a big jump in confidence that this was going to happen and we can really get a chance to keep this thing going.

A few days later, I call him whilst at the coffee shop but he doesn’t pick up so I try again on the walk home. He had text me after the missed call but I had left my private mobile at home so didn’t get the message. When I called him he was searching flights! I tell him $700 is a lot even though August is high season and there must be some bargains to be found still in the current economic climate.

When I get home, I checked my mobile and it had one of the best messages in a long time;

“Call me back so I can book flight.”

A couple of days later I woke up to this email:

Subject: See you…

7.50 August 12th

That sure had me wide awake from the normal early morning sleepy haze that I normally check my first emails in. The last time I felt this elated from a received message was the very first time we were having date in his country neighbourhood and not NYC where I lived. I had been teasing him all week about what he had planned for me as I usually organised the dates in the city. Who’d have 3 little words could have such an affect on a girl:

Subject: You and Me


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