Firsts – July 24th 2009


It’s a month of firsts; first I mop, then I iron (OK, not a first but a first for several months) and then I walk out of the cinema (See Journal ‘Not Funny’) to save myself from a truly awful movie.

The last time I recall this many firsts was post-divorce so they were focussed on doing things on my own; first time I board a plane on my own, first solo holiday – to Vancouver and all through the Rockies – still my favourite holiday from 1998 and the first solo cinema visit. This was achieved when the local theatre had a £1 a film day. I saw three on my own and then met up with a friend to see one in the evening. The only film I remember is the fantastic Birdcage with Robin Williams.

It was a good decade later when I went to the theatre alone to see Mama Mia on Broadway the first time I spent Christmas alone in New York in 2005. The musical was fantastic (unlike the film, but the trip absolutely magical and additive.


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