Book – Toast by Nigel Slater

I had come across this book before but not having any knowledge on the author, I hadn’t picked it up.

The title intrigued me to choose it up this time plus I have my resolve to read a book per week. It is an autobiography, or rather a memoir as I have been taught in writing class, but in a totally unusual way which is exactly how I want to write at least one of my books although I won’t eat into that just now.

Each chapter regales a story from his childhood by relating it to food which I loved but what was really interesting was the humour laced throughout. Even the sad events of both his parents passing and anecdotes of the gold digging, wicked step mother didn’t fudge the humour. His distaste for his Father’s second choice of bride is clearly evident although I doubt if this book would have been written if his parents were still alive, as much as he adored his mother despite her handicap in the kitchen.

I love food so entirely understood his passion for both discovering new tastes and savouring every morsel of all his favourites through the years. It started in the 1970’s so it was full of prawn cocktail, trifle and worst of all cheese and pineapple on sticks before moving to the steaks and profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce in the excessive 1980s.

Profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce, now that sounds good to me now.


Inspiration 8/10 (Mainly to write my own)


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