Book – My Take. By Gary Barlow

I was surprisingly drawn into this book.

I loved Gary’s first solo album and have been amazed over the years why such a talented and crazily successful songwriter can be ridiculed in the press at an alarming rate.

Did Elton John get this?

Did George Michael?

He is up there with them and I’m not particular fans of the other two although George has created some extraordinary tunes, but I do have respect for their work. I’m astounded that Gary doesn’t have the same respect as a song writer at the very least.

The book skips back and forth which drew me in even more. It made me turn back pages to re-read paragraphs for an enhanced understanding. A little like some clever films and TV dramas that show you the ending first and then start at the beginning, showing the steps of how the ending came about. Of course we know that already with the tremendously successful Take That comeback.

It is very candid, although as always, I’m aware that what’s published is what the author is happy for us to read.  Gary did gallantly admit to some mistakes, particularly in the treatment of Robbie Williams and also the rest of Take That. Plus he admits to a few errors at the expense of Nigel Martin Smith, the manager. 

This is part of the reason I was immersed. I read all about the down times knowing what happened in the up times. There were some parts where I just thought if only we (the fans) knew. We could have been a comfort. No-one that talented and uber- successful should ever be that sad. For other things but not about their career.


There were some fresh facts, which I at least, not being a tabloid reader, learnt as new. One was that Robbie had turned up at their come back tour – twice – at their hotel. I thought Gary was amazingly forgiving for all that Robbie had publicly and humiliatingly said. I would not have been so magnanimous and Gary probably did not want to be but he clearly didn’t like the animosity to go on.


The other startling fact is that Gary had been on a train which was involved in July 7th bombings.

Lucky to be alive or what?


Who knew?




Inspiration Factor 9/10 Anyone can do it with talent and determination


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