Book – It’s Not About The Bike. By Lance Armstrong

Over the years people have told me that this is the most inspiring autobiography/sports autobiography/book ever. I would probably give Johnny Mac’s ‘Serious’ that prize but this was good.

My first book in an age and I now plan to stick with my book a week goal. I started the next one the very next day.

Yes the boy done good because he fought cancer. Or rather the doctors and medicine fought cancer as he put it but he sure had the absolute determination to live. I feel determination and belief go a long way in achieving what you want.

I’m not quite sure of the hype surrounding his come back. What was he supposed to do? Become a bartender? Become a beach bum or carry on doing what he had trained for? Yes he came back better than ever because he was ecstatic to be alive. Wouldn’t you be?

All in all the book was inspiring and a lesson in that we should all get off our buts, stop moaning and do something we want to do.


Inspiration Factor 7 ½/10


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