Black is Black – July 21st 2009

To me black is a colour. Just like red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple or white –but a lot darker. Yet many people (women) use it as a staple colour in their wardrobe and base for all their outfits.

I’ve just monitored ten women that have walked by me on this unexpectedly sunny July day and six are wearing black. Admittedly the forecast was rain but surely that doesn’t mean black is essential in July?

I believe the main argument is that black is slimming but surely no more than any other dark colour; brown, purple,  burgundy, grey or navy? There must be one that suits every individual complexion.

I accept that black is easy to work with and goes with pretty much ever colour, except navy and brown, either of these combinations is generally a no-no although I have a long black and brown skirt that I can team up with either colour on different occasions. A little planning will result in lots of new outfits where black isn’t the main colour. Let me loose on your wardrobe for an hour or two and I’ll show you more varied outfits!

I love pink and navy, red and navy, pink and grey, brown and pink, camel and pale blue, pale blue and navy, blue and pink, brown and cream, silver and gold, cream and gold and white and black. Then there’s light cream and grey. I saw Julia Roberts chatting on the Dave Letterman show wearing the exact same outfit I have; immaculate don’t-come-near-me –with-red-wine cream trouser suit with flimsy grey blouse, not a shirt. Although I imagine hers cost a few more $$$. Must wear that again soon.

Sometimes one half of an outfit wears out before the other so I team it up with something else and this results in a whole new look. I do that with underwear especially as quite often a bra or pants wears out first. Even when I have had the foresight to buy two bottoms for every top, the top inevitably goes first with the under wire busting out but matching each garment with something else results in a whole new set. The only thing to remember is to that an underwear set should really be in a similar material where possible.

A new wardrobe

I bring this all up as I am very excited about being given a new wardrobe. My lovely, generous room mate has given me yet another huge bag of hardly worn or new clothes she has no use for. They are all black with the exception of a black and white skirt and 2 versatile white shirts. They are all items I probably would never have bought and not only because I very rarely buy black although I do love white.

There is a most welcome pair of dark flat jeans, these are the jeans to wear with flat shoes that I would so rarely have worn when I owned a car but very handy now that I walk every where and have bought 3 flat pairs of shoes to throw on and wonder off to the coffee shop or store. A few things don’t fit but I do now own my own little black dress. The only one I had before was – is – crocheted and therefore see-through.

I have never worn shorts in my life; not on the beach, not in extreme heat, not in the gym and not even in the privacy of my own home. I’m definitely not the jeans or shorts and t-shirt type of girl but the ones I have now are smart and with the label still attached, gives me something brand new to try out. I see them with my ribbon, wrap-around ankle cream wedges but unfortunately they are in NYC with most of my other shoes.  I always thought shorts would be unflattering but they are really like a more practical knee length skirt. As they are loose around my thighs, I should be OK. If not, I’ll wear a bright top with them to draw the attention away!


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