Movie – Transformers

The fact that I waited a couple of weeks to see this says it wasn’t a priority.

However, Transformers is an action packed kids movie that turned out to be a perfect watch one sunny early evening.

The transformers are clever from the microscopic little balls to the mountainous machines soaring over Egypt, Washington DC or wherever the story went. There are many funny one-liners well delivered by the cast which prevented it from becoming a complete parody of itself.

The best parts for me were the scenes at the museum in DC as I was there just a few months ago. According to the story, they kept one of the old transformers dormant there disguised evidently as a plane. That was magical for me so I can only imagine the excitement it would create inside a 12 year old boy during his subsequent visit. And that was precisely the target audience of the film so it did exactly what it said on the tin.  7½/10  Smile factor 8/10 for the cheesiness and for DC

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