Work is a 4 letter word

Work: A Four Letter Word

Work = Toil = To work long and hard

Work = the absence of play

Work = effort

I’ve decided work is a four-letter-word.

Like most home workers, I love what I do and mostly don’t consider it work.

Some parts of my day I spend working but I keep it to a controlled minimum and get it out of the way as quickly as possible. Basically, if I’d rather be doing something else, then I am working!

Work is defined by things we don’t like doing; We don’t like dealing with miserable or incompetent people. So once we know who they are, we stamp ‘Do Not Use’ on their details.

We don’t like waiting in call centre queues so we switched suppliers.

We don’t like calling expensive phone numbers in order to spend money with those companies so we found alternatives.

We don’t like being let down.

We don’t like our calls not being returned.

All this baggage makes work of our days so we make it obsolete.

I don’t particularly like dealing with finances so I delegate as much as I can to an accountant, who loves this sort of thing and is good at it. However, I keep all my receipts and records in impeccable order so I don’t pay them to do work I can easily do myself.

Similarly, as a team, we all enjoy doing different types of tasks, usually those we are good at, so I’m careful to delegate jobs to the most effective person.

I’m sure you don’t need me to repeat all the statistics we hear about how many hours we spend working or waiting or doing mundane tasks or ironing and other household chores.

Is it worth doing something that drains our energy or makes us miserable?       

What will you do with the extra 5 minutes every hour, or an afternoon per week or a week a year? Would you develop more business – if that’s what you like to do? Would you take a week’s holiday? Would you have more me-time or spend more time with family or friends. Or all of the above?

So is it worth working when you could be having fun doing business?

Oscar Wilde
Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do.

Business: If it feels like work, you’re not doing it right!

Published on Enterprise Nation                                             March 23rd 2009

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