Why Now Is A Good Time To Outsource

By the Queen of Outsourcing

Cost Saving

Outsourcing is cheaper than having employees; full time, part time or temporary and that’s not just counting the cost of advertising and recruiting. It costs to take the time out to devise effective training and deliver it successfully too. Not to mention time consuming appraisals and progress meetings and the more obvious costs of NI, holiday pay, holiday cover, bonus, sickness pay and benefits.

High Quality

Outsourced specialists know they are only as good as their last piece of work so they will produce top quality work every time to keep you as their long-term client.

Better Business

Now is the time when you should be marketing, strategising and ‘doing’.

Outsourcing means someone else does the jobs you don’t have the expertise for or the time for. It can also mean ticking off the jobs that you just don’t want to do from your to-do list!

  • Why should you be doing data entry when your best skill is to be out networking to meet new contacts?
  • Why are you chasing money when you should be maintaining an excellent working relationship with that client? Let someone else be Mr Nasty!
  • Why spend time doing administration when that time can be spent talking to new or existing clients and building the business?
  • How long does it take you to find newsletters and blogs that you need to read or to do online business networking? Will that time be better spent just reading what’s perfect for you and just responding to great on-line contacts?
  • Why organise the database when your priority is to write the new marketing plan?

Bad Hair Days

Outsourcing means there will always be someone available to support you. No sickness. No holidays. No paternity leave (but outsourcing will cover for yours). No hangovers and no bad hair days!

Access to a larger talent pool and a varied knowledge base

Outsourcing means an entire new department in your company; a team full of additional skills. If they don’t have all the answers, they are very likely to have the resources to find the answer for you so you will also have improved knowledge.

In addition, they are likely to know of other contacts and services that can also help you.

Operational Expertise

Outsourcing means you will gain access to their know-how which will save you time in the long run. For example, you can use their best practice or HR policies rather than developing your own or they can come in to teach your staff time saving tips or sales skills.

Catalyst for Change

Outsourcing can often mean a catalyst for major change that otherwise

may be very time consuming or not happen at all.

Of course, outsourcing means you can carry on working from home with no expensive office to run!

Published by Enterprise Nation                                          

http://missjones.info/                                                           September 29th 2008


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