The Trip

Chris began to question the wisdom of this trip.

It had been a few years since Chris had seen her daughter. There wasn’t really an argument, more a difference of opinion, a different lifestyle choice.

They both felt it better not to be in each other’s worlds, for both their sakes.  Chris knew in her heart that Kareen loved her deep down. So deep that perhaps she didn’t realise it herself. Chris’s love for her daughter had never waned, but simply softened with their years apart.

Chris loved having a daughter, a family. How could they have grown apart so much, she wondered? It all started when after years of drinking leading to inevitable violence, Kareen’s father finally left for good and they never saw him again. In Kareen’s eyes, her mother had driven him away not knowing Chris’s sadness behind her motherly smiles. However, Kareen was young then and their relationship solidified when it was just the 2 of them seemingly against the world.

The relationship suffered when Chris started dating. Not fatherly figures but younger men with whom she could have some fun with, now that Kareen was old enough to stay over at her friends. Kareen was appalled by her mother’s supposedly childish behaviour. She felt her mother had thrown her dad out so she could go out with lots of other men. In truth, Chris only had relationships with 3 men during those years but Kareen saw it differently through her hurt young eyes.

So now Chris was on her way to Miami to see her daughter. She is going to stay with a friend to join in her birthday celebrations but plucked up the courage to call her daughter and appeal for a civilised visit. Not just because she found herself in Miami, but because now there was another aspect. Kareen had been married a year ago and had recently given birth to Harry. Chris was melting at the thought of setting teary eyes on her grandson. Still she was wracked with nerves about seeing her daughter and meeting her son-in-law. Is he good enough? Why did they get married so young? Does he treat her as well as she deserves? Chris didn’t want Kareen to repeat her mistakes. Kareen wanted to be married and settled and not be dating men half her age when she was older.

Chris’s one true goal now was to have a good relationship with her grandson, to make up for any shortfall with her daughter. She knew there was a lot to prove and was prepared to go up to the firing line to prove her intent, without arguing. She had matured in recent years although does not regret the fun she had getting to this point in her life.

This time, it will be different.                                                                                                                   February 25th 2009

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