The funniest thing happened today…

Humour Class – What I did in class today

Write about the funniest thing that has happened today

Going to humour writing workshop and finding I had to write a piece and then read it aloud to the class is the funniest thing. I thought I was going to learn but I guess that’s the difference between class and ‘workshop’.

My immediate downfall is that I can barely write by hand and reading it back to myself, let alone a class full of strangers is going to be tricky. Ordinarily, I scribble everything by hand, knowing it’s just the bare bones of a story that will get padded out the first time I type it up before being tweaked and edited several times until I deem it finished. Or until I‘m fed up of having it on my to-do list.

­The first thing that made me laugh out loud  – my definition of ‘funniest’ – was that I got an email that I had won the opera tickets draw. This is where your name goes into a hat and if selected, you win the right to purchase tickets at The Met for $25 for that weekend. That may not strike you as funny. However, last week I entered for the first time and also won so clearly I’m the only person that can be bothered to enter.

I had a great time at the New York Met last Friday. What made me laugh most was when I went for my now customary coffee and cake at Magnolias at the end of an evening. A lady there had an enormous yellow concoction and when I asked what it was, she most generously insisted I tried it. I refused as it looked so perfect and I didn’t want her to put a dent in it in my honour. It turned out, they had a little birthday party going on and they were going to put a candle in what I now knew to be Banana Pie and have it there and then. I was promptly invited to the party because my outfit, cream coat, gold dress and sparkly gloves went with the Banana Pie. Quite how an outfit goes with a dessert I don’t know but I sure do like the idea.

I didn’t have the heart to say I don’t like fruit when later, after the candle blowing ceremony, a huge dollop of pie was bought over by BP (Banana Pie) Lady.

Thankfully, it was gorgeous and I promised BP lady that as I’m in Magnolias 2-3 times a week, I will get it next time. This prompted a nice compliment that I didn’t look like I visited Magnolia’s that often.

I neglected to tell her that I always walk the 20 blocks home.

Anyway, winning the draw for the second time was the first funniest thing that happened today. This evening, what made me laugh out loud whilst walking to class was a text I received. “Ed Harris says hello”.  

I don’t know Ed Harris but can you say you received such a text?

January 13th 2009


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