Friendship (part 1)

I use the word ‘friendly’ in loose terms, when describing a place where friends seem to come and go with all the frequency of a subway train. 

 I hope this is just the cynic in me but partly it’s because I believe real friends and relationships are to be truly treasured, in good times and bad. Like a good bottle of wine, most friendships only mature over time and you take the rough with the smooth. It’s impossible to know when you first cork a wine if you are going to love it forever or just if the bottle will do for now – as you have already started on it. Will you ever buy it again or indeed will you buy it by the case load until they don’t make it anymore? Will the next bottle you open taste exactly the same or will you be disappointed?

I do not know if the people I’m adding to my new phone list are going to be still on it in a year’s time, or even 1 month.  But it‘s sure good to be introduced to some new wines.                                                                                                   January 2009


2 thoughts on “Friendship (part 1)

  1. I have friends who like a nice whiskey lol. You take them out on rare but special occasions so birthdays and things like that and although I have contact with them (like seeing the whiskey in the cupboard) between these events, those conversations are few and far between.

    Then I have friends who I seem to see every week but we rarely talk about deep stuff – we seem to discuss the weather or something equally not there.

    Then I have friends on the internet via Twitter and Blogs. Too far away for a hug but close enough for a good natter lol.

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