Blue Treasure

From its shiny navy curves, its huge sparkly round lights to its elongated shape. It’s a vision.

Once inside, it’s as comfortable as a treasured armchair  but remains as glamorous as the smartest of hotel lobbies, the kind that have the gigantic chandeliers with a 1000 tiny lights lighting up the faces of all those privileged to tread beneath.

It moves with the grace of a 50s Hollywood film star and stops like a gentleman would to let the lady pass first.

It sings like a soulster with refined polish but with raucous passion when I need to be transported to another world.

Best of all, it holds all the memories that are dear to my heart and each one can be bought back to me melodiously just be a single touch.

A sonnet to my car.                                                                                                                                                             February 2009


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